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Mocean was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1977 and started making noise with his voice that very day. He grew up dude-ing and bro-ing in Santa Barbara, California and then went to college up in Eugene, Oregon at the University of Oregon. Go Ducks! There he studied theater, Spanish and partying.

His first job out of school was on air at a local radio station where he learned to record and edit voice over. He was often quoted as saying, "What's this button do?" He moved to Los Angeles soon after confident that his radio experience would be an asset in the LA voice over market. His first VO coach promised that she would "beat the radio out of him". He realized he had a lot of work to do...

*Working hard at voice over montage*

After working hard at voice over, Mocean landed representation at what was then called The William Morris agency and started working in the industry in 2005. Since then, Mocean has voiced a ton of major commercial campaigns, narrated heaps of TV shows, a bunch of promos for a bunch of networks and shows, and is the voice of radio stations all across the US and Canada. 

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